Wadi Tiwi

Wadi Tiwi is the kind of wadi where you expect to find water all year round. Very close to Wadi Shab, the much popular destination, this road is what I call sniper driving: there are very narrow sections where you really have to drive your car sharp like a sniper. Steep ascents, water, tight villages and some breathtaking views, it's a thumbs up from me.

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Wadi Sahtan - Yasab

Road to Yasab is a reason to fall in love with Oman offroad driving as it is the most astonishing and dramatic ascent one can do and literally a climb on the wall of the mountain. Incredibly steep and with amazing views, the road to Yasab can be crowned as the best track in Hajars. With plenty of possible options, Wadi Sahtan is a real treasure for offroad adventurers. So take the keys and jump in the ride!

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Wadi Tanuf

Village of Tanuf is mostly known for the mineral water bottling plant producing Tanuf and Jabel Akhdar brands. However, right behind the factory there is a lot of adventure in one of the coolest 4x4 tracks in Oman. Green village at the end of the track worth the effort!

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Jabel Shams

Jabel Shams (3028 m) is one of the well known landmarks of Oman as being the highest mountain summit. Translated as mountain of the sun, it is situated close to a truly breathtaking canyon where it is possible to do some adventurous hiking. While the offroad track is not very challenging, the views are magnificent.

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Wadi Mistal

Wadi Mistal is part of the wadi collection available on the Nakhal - Ar Rustaq road. The main attraction is the green Wukan village situated at the end of the path, a nice place where tourists can see amazing gardens irrigated by an intriguing falaj system, carefully maintained by the few existing locals.

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