Wadi Abyad

Wadi Abyad is a good place to go if you want to do some wadi driving, with water crossing included for year round. If you feel adventurous, once the track is finished you can continue driving for few more kilometers straight through flowing water and rocks. You will remember the experience!

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If you just like offroading, you should try this track. It is a long journey, taking you from few hundred meters altitude to almost 2000m in about 27 km. The road is quite in good condition, without tricky sections and great views are there, but you will admire most of them on the way back.

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Salmah Plateau

Salmah Plateau is one of the most thrilling paths that a 4wd can take on the East Cost of Oman. This track is not as much about the landmarks that you can see on the road, as it is about the amazingly steep slopes you will have to climb up and down. 

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Wadi Dayqah

How often do you see large amounts of blue water in Oman, apart from the huge sea? Not to often. However, in this trip you will pass by an impressive dam, as well as some natural pools where you can relax and have some drinks. Definitely you will have a good time following this track. I promise!

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