Wadi Abyad is a good place to go if you want to do some wadi driving, with water crossing included for year round. If you feel adventurous, once the track is finished you can continue driving for few more kilometers straight through flowing water and rocks. You will remember the experience!


Getting to the start

Since it is very close to Wadi Mistal and other places on the road towards Rustaq, follow the road towards Nakhal / Rustaq from the main highway in Barka. It is also possible to get to Nakhal by exiting the Express road towards Halban and Hibra. Once in Nakhal, keep going for around 18-19 kilometers and take the exit to Subaykhah.



Once you reach Subaykhah, just keep following the wadi on the existing paths and probably you will cross water several times, until the track ends. However, if your car is really equipped for this, you can continue some pure wadi driving on the river bed and the big rocks. But still be careful with your car, since you will have to come back on the same route.



The nice thing to do in Wadi Abyad is the river crossing part. Also, if you are sure you want to do it, continuing to do pure offroading on the river bed once the track is finished can be fun as well.



Driving: 4/5

Landmarks: 2/5

Pictures: 3/5

Overall: Relaxing track, nice as a diversion.

0 km, n/a