How often do you see large amounts of blue water in Oman, apart from the huge sea? Not to often. However, in this trip you will pass by an impressive dam, as well as some natural pools where you can relax and have some drinks. Definitely you will have a good time following this track. I promise!


Wadi Dayqah

  • Wadi Dayqah Dam
  • Lot of water for Oman...
  • View of Wadi Dayqah
  • As Silayfi
  • Fine offroad
  • Natural Pools
  • Donkey!
  • Wadi al Abriyyin
  • Dusting my way
  • Close to the pool


Getting to the start

From Muscat, follow the road towards Sur, through Al Amirat. At Quriyat roundabout, exit towards Wadi Dayqah Dam and Mazara. Than just follow the road to the Dam and take a nice relaxing brake there.



The road is not very challenging to drive, from the technical perspective, but you will see some nice landmarks on the way. The path to the Dam is all new tarmac and easy to follow. However, once you want to continue to travel you will find it a little bit tricky. The main idea is to follow the route down to Al Mazari, the small village you can see at the base of the Dam. Follow the road until you see a shop on the left side and then after about 50 m the road will bend right. After 200 m more take right and cross Wadi Dayqah. Follow sign for Al Husn and then at the sign for Al Dhahir go straight ahead and enter offroad section (don't take right). After 4.5 km, don't take right to Al Ya and keep straight. After few more kilometers, you will enter again a tarmac section, but no for too long. And later the fun will start, with some nice offroading sections and a nice view in the village of As Silayfi. Go down the switchbacks and enter Wadi Al Abryyin. On your way to Dibab, you should see some nice natural pools and also cross through water several times. Nice one!



The Wadi Dayqah Dam is an impressive sight, with so much water for a region like Oman. You can have some good relaxing time here and enjoy a nice picnic on the well maintained grass. Very beautiful is also the set of pools from Wadi Al Abryyin. Here you can take the family for a barbecue and enjoy a refreshing bath in the clear water. From Dibab, the end of the track, you can head either right towards Fins or left to Quriyat for some amazing beaches.



Driving: 3/5

Landmarks: 4/5

Pictures: 4/5

Overall: If you want to see some clear water and relax around Muscat. Also a good destination if you are going to beaches close to Quriyat.

37 km, 00:13:08