Salmah Plateau is one of the most thrilling paths that a 4wd can take on the East Cost of Oman. This track is not as much about the landmarks that you can see on the road, as it is about the amazingly steep slopes you will have to climb up and down. 

  • Sea in background
  • Coming from far away
  • Local guides
  • Cave entry
  • Camels training
  • Yeah, that is the sea.
  • Road to stratosphere
  • And I mean steep!
  • Ready for Downhill


Getting to the start

The beginning of the adventure starts in Fins, a village on the Muscat-Sur road. To get there from Muscat, you can either follow Sultan Qaboos Highway towards Ruwi or climb directly towards Al Amirat on the steep hill behind the Grand Mall (yes, those switchbacks you can see at night). Once passed Al Amirat, just follow directions towards Sur and exit at the sign for Fins. Just as you exit the road, turn right (don't enter the village) and start the track.



This was one of the few tracks that I can really consider thrilling to drive. Palms will be sweaty and adrenaline will rush as you climb the steady steep slopes towards the plateau. At some point you will drive on concrete, but for a very good reason: it is very steep. But if manage to relax and enjoy the ride, you will also discover some magnificent places for pictures, so you can benefit from the outstanding background of the Gulf of Oman. Once you get to the plateau, the ride gets easier and you can speed it up a little, but don't miss the Majlis al Jinn cave. And then comes the downhill part. And what a downhill it is! Go steeply down, on some switchbacks that will make your tires scream a little and for safety reasons it is better to use the low gear. Once coming close to the ground stratosphere, you will get into some Omani village full of goats and then back to the highway.



This track is more about the road itself, rather than the destination. On the Salmah Plateau you can find two interesting things to see: camels, maybe training for racing, and the Majlis al Jinn cave, which is quite impressive and it would definitely be an amazing view if possible to see more than few holes. You might be lucky to find some kids and locals there to show you the place, but be ready to pay with some Coke or chocolate. Once you will understand that 3 Boeing 747 can park without much effort in the room just bellow your feet, you will step a little more carefully around and slowly return to your car.



Driving: 5/5

Landmarks: 2/5

Pictures: 4/5

Overall: One of the "must do" tracks if you have the chance to get to the East Coast. Other nice places like Wadi ash Shab and nice beaches are around.

36.3 km, 00:12:06