This wadi is an easy and relaxing offroad drive featuring some nice water crossings and a magnificent castle at the end. Technically very easy, it compensates the so-so thrilling with some ruins ready to be explored and the newly renovated Al Hazm fort at the end, where you can recover and listen to some Arabic stories.

Wadi Hoqain

  • Cross this
  • View from the Wadi
  • Ruins
  • Wadi Fort
  • Subaru XV this time
  • Defence Tower
  • Fort in the middle of the wadi
  • Cheap Access
  • Ready for a tea?
  • History of the fort

Getting to the start

I think the best option to start this adventure is to go all the way to Rustaq and then follow the road towards Wadi Sahtan and Ibri. Just few km after the new roundabout leading to Wadi Sahtan you will have to slowly slide right into Wadi Hoqain. Furthermore, just keep following the wadi and drive ahead towards Hoqain.



As mentioned above, technically this is very easy. After you slide into the wadi, keep following it through the mountains and you will face some decent water crossings, nothing too scary. I have to admit that here I faced the longest crossing which I doubted for a minute that I could pass with my Subary XV, but the car actually handled it without problems. While driving, look around and enjoy the palm trees as Wadi Hoqain is quite green for Omani standards. There is one point where you will have to leave the wadi and climb on your left side, but after few kilometers you will come back down the wadi. On the last section of the road there is good quality asphalt, so not really offroad action. The GPX track follows the road all the way to Hazm fort, just to make sure that you will not miss it.



Well, this is where Wadi Hoqain shines. While the offroading action misses some thrill, you will have loads of things to see. I am not aware of the particular reason, but this area was very well defended in the past. Just few kilometers after you enter wadi Hoqain, you will see a castle built on a rock in the middle of the wadi. Yes, right in the middle, so the place is surrounded by water when the wadi is filling up. Also, in Hoqain village, you can see another big castle and you can stop and take a look. However, don't waste too much time with these places and save at least one or two hours for exploring Al Hazm Fort. This place was recently renovated with some kind of latest technology and is amazing. Really, is a must see and I can say it is the best ever castle I've seen in Oman. Make sure you get the audio guide, so you will also enjoy some local legends and arabic stories. And there are also Djinns inside!



Driving: 2/5

Landmarks: 4/5

Pictures: 3/5

Overall: You have to visit Al Hazm castle at all costs. From the offroad perspective, only the water crossings are interesting.

0 km, n/a