One of the most beautiful wadis from Oman is for sure Damm. Full time filled with water, the place is also blessed with a magnificent natural frame and with few very old historical landmarks just on the way. Offroaders will be a bit disappointing since the 4wd section is short, but pretty intense for the suspension springs.

Wadi Damm

  • Climb on the rope to go further
  • Line up
  • Palm Tree
  • Al Ayn Tombs
  • Two tombs
  • Jabal Misht and Tombs
  • Ancient Tomb
  • Water from the Dam
  • View Down the Wadi
  • Wadi Damm Hike

Getting to the start

The track is quite far from Muscat, but it worths the effort of going all the way. Take the road towards Nizwa and keep going on the highway for about 206 km. Pass by Nizwa and then exit towards Amlah and Al Ayn. Now that is the main track you have to follow all the way to the Wadi Damm.



Most of the road is quite a good tarmac where you can drive almost any low ride car. Keep on following the road and pass by Amlah and Al Ayn. Now pay attention on the left, just as you pass by Al Ayn. You will see Jabal Misht mountain and on a lower hill the Ancient Tombs of Al Ayn, a protected history site. Take a left hand road when you are close to the tombs and head towards them for some history moments. Then come back on the main road and head towards the village of Damm. Follow the GPS coordinates and descend into the wadi. Now you need a proper 4wd. You will find yourself surrounded with green vegetation and the road will get narrower as you go deeper. When the track is over, just park your car in the shadow and start hiking to explore the wadi on foot. Pay attention where you put your steps and take a refreshing bath in one of the clearest pools of Oman.



There are plenty of things to see and pictures to take. On your way from Muscat you can start with a stop in Nizwa, the former capital o the Sultanate. As you go ahead, Bahla will be just close to the highway, with its awesome fort and magic stories. After entering the main track, make sure you visit the Tombs from Al Ayn, as you will breath pure history on the site. Now that destination is close, just get ready to park your car and do some hiking. Like Wadi Shab, you can spend a lot of time in the wadi exploring the pools and walking around. And last but not least, take a proper bath and enjoy the clearest blue water in the Hajars.



Driving: 2/5

Landmarks: 4/5

Pictures: 4/5

Overall: A full day activity far from Muscat, in the clearest blue waters.

0 km, n/a