Wadi Tiwi is the kind of wadi where you expect to find water all year round. Very close to Wadi Shab, the much popular destination, this road is what I call sniper driving: there are very narrow sections where you really have to drive your car sharp like a sniper. Steep ascents, water, tight villages and some breathtaking views, it's a thumbs up from me.

Wadi Tiwi

  • Along the water
  • Overview of Mibam
  • Entrance to Mibam
  • Usual Goats
  • High above
  • More twisted road
  • Lens faster than eye
  • Ruins on the way
  • Easy twisted road
  • Maze Overview

Getting to the start

It is quite simple to find you way to mouth of Wadi Tiwi is you come from Muscat. Just take the road to Quriyat and Sur and follow it for about 180 km and exit to As Shab, the popular exit to Wadi Shab and Wadi Shab Hotel. Follow the route, but instead of taking the right and going into Wadi Shab, keep going and pass the village of Tiwi. There are some directions for Wadi Tiwi, but the idea is to follow the main road. You will have to enter the wadi just under the high bridge of Muscat - Sur highway.



The road itself is not the kind of road where your 4wd car will have to show top-notch abilities, as most of it is already paved with concrete. Still, the way follows an interesting maze through some small villages with tight corners and some sections where literally there is no place for more than your car. And trust me, chances to meet with a car coming from the other side are quite high, especially if you go on weekend. This will complete the thrill already created by the magnificent views that you will see on your way. You can find some nice spots for a picnic and barbecue and you will enjoy the lively green wadi, with crystal clear water flowing all the way to the sea. Take care, sometimes these green lands are home for bugs and other animals that can make you stay less pleasant. The track ends in the village of Mibam and just before descending into the village you can find a very nice place for pictures on the left side.



Indisputably, the most well known landmark in the area is Wadi Shab. The place is great for a full day adventure and means a full pack of actions: swimming, hiking and cliff jumping in an absolutely amazing cave. In Wadi Tiwi itself, I would point out the nice views that you can find on the track and the sniper driving experience which you will never forget for sure. Also, about 15 km away, you can find the ruins of Qalhat, one of the most magnificent cities of the 13th century. Now all you can really see is the tomb of Bibi Maryam, once ruler of the city. If you are interested in history, this place is a must, as it is one of the lessons that cities and nations should learn. The city itself was the second larges city of Kingdom of Hormuz and growth as a harbor for the ships doing frankincense trade from the Arabian lands. Once the importance of frankincense decreased, trade activities died and the city itself slowly melted, being totally washed away by the Portuguese who conquered these lands later.



Driving: 2/5

Landmarks: 3/5

Pictures: 3/5

Overall: Interesting activity for a day in your weekend. Can be combined with spending some relaxing time in Wadi Shab.

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