Village of Tanuf is mostly known for the mineral water bottling plant producing Tanuf and Jabel Akhdar brands. However, right behind the factory there is a lot of adventure in one of the coolest 4x4 tracks in Oman. Green village at the end of the track worth the effort!

Wadi Tanuf

  • Another Crossing
  • Recharge Dam
  • Land is behind
  • This is a flash flood
  • Must cross this:)
  • Water, Water
  • End of Drivable Track

Getting to the start

The track is close to Nizwa, so if you come from Muscat, just take the Nizwa road and follow it till you pass Nizwa towards Al Hamra. Another option is to exit the highway at Birkat al Mouz and then follow way towards Bahla, through Ghubrat Nizwa. It is also possible to come from Bahla, after you visited the Castle there. Once you reach Tanuf, look for the old city and take left just behind it.



I've been three times in Wadi Tanuf prior to writing this and first two visits were not really impressive. I did only part of the track and did not reach Ad Dhahir for different reasons. But third time good luck shine upon my way. The adventure started with some proper wadi crossing, as the wadi was filled with water from a very recent rain. Then it went further into the wadi with some more water crossing and tricky sections, particularly because the rain washed away the sand which was making the road more stable. There were some sections now filled just with big rocks, I had to stop around 1 km before the village and walk to the end of it. 



First landmark you can spot is the old village of Tanuf. Then, as you take left, it is possible to see on your right hand the bottling factory of Tanuf. Once you cross the wadi you will see the Recharge Dam of Tanuf, which has the purpose to keep the water in the wadi and recharge the local wells with fresh water. Go ahead on the offroad and enjoy some more or less tricky sections till you reach a surprisingly green village, Ad Dhahir. Water in the wadi will make the track an unforgettable experience, if you are lucky.



Driving: 4/5

Landmarks: 3/5

Pictures: 4/5

Overall: A thrilling offroad track, especially if there is water in the wadi.

0 km, n/a