Jabel Shams (3028 m) is one of the well known landmarks of Oman as being the highest mountain summit. Translated as mountain of the sun, it is situated close to a truly breathtaking canyon where it is possible to do some adventurous hiking. While the offroad track is not very challenging, the views are magnificent.


Jabel Shams

  • Cliff over the canyon
  • Edge Tree
  • Summit of Jabel Shams
  • Another view of Canyon
  • Jabel Shams Canyon
  • View from old village
  • Bahla Castle
  • Sunset through the clouds

Getting to the start

Track to Jabel Shams is situated close to Nizwa, so if you are coming from Muscat take the Nizwa road and head through Nizwa towards Al Hamra. It is not far from Qiyut and you will find directions on the road. It is easy to follow as well the GPS to the beginning of the GPX track included in the article.



While the offroad track is not technically challenging, it is full of nice views. Idea is to follow the sign to Jabel Shams Resort and keep going on the road until you will get to the point which offers a magnificent overview over the entire canyon. The road continues for few more kilometers, giving you some opportunities for picnics and camping. It is safe to use a 4wd on this track, but I personally did it with a Chevrolet Cruze several times without any problems.



The most important thing to remark here is the nice view over the canyon. The Jabel Shams mountain itself is a bit further (track climbs to just about 2000m) and you can take some nice pictures with the summit in the background. Another interesting place to see is the old village of al Khitaym.



Driving: 2/5

Landmarks: 4/5

Pictures: 4/5

Overall: It is a must for anyone visiting Oman.

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