Masirah Island

Masirah Island is a deserted paradise which is equal to total relaxation, in a quiet world of its own. Forget about crowds, stress or traffic, Masirah will give you the chance to walk on a beach that will feel like it is only yours. To make it clear, this is not an offroad track, but it still gives you the chance for some mountain and beach driving, maybe even some dune bashing if you really want to try it in Wahiba Sands.

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Wadi Hoqain

This wadi is an easy and relaxing offroad drive featuring some nice water crossings and a magnificent castle at the end. Technically very easy, it compensates the so-so thrilling with some ruins ready to be explored and the newly renovated Al Hazm fort at the end, where you can recover and listen to some Arabic stories.

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Wadi Damm

One of the most beautiful wadis from Oman is for sure Damm. Full time filled with water, the place is also blessed with a magnificent natural frame and with few very old historical landmarks just on the way. Offroaders will be a bit disappointing since the 4wd section is short, but pretty intense for the suspension springs.

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Wahiba Sands Crossing

Desert crossing is for sure the type of adventure that no offroader should miss. And if you are lucky to be in Oman at the right time, you are in for a real treat. Added pictures from 28-30 January 2016 Crossing. This was a really great experience, which gives you the chance to upgrade your sand driving skill in a safe way, not worried that you will be forsaken in the desert.

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Jabel Akhdar

There is no question that Jabel Akhdar (or The Green Mountain) is a real treasure of exploration gems. Located in the heart of Hajar Mountains, this is the place where you can find temperatures of 35 degrees when Muscat boils at about 50. More than 15 friendly villages are on the Sayq Plateau, breathing air high above 2000m and is no wonder why Princess Diana enjoyed the place during her visits.

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