This was my first offroad car and the one which actually inspired all the following adventure. It is for sure the king of the offroad from my list of cars and can do decent as an overall car, given the price of fuel in Oman. Let's see further what makes this car special and when to avoid it.


Nissan Xterra

Offroad attitude

This car was built for offroad and case closed. There is no climb it cannot do, it is not "infected" by too much kiddish electronic system and looks like built to last. I've heard that in Euro NCAP tests it didn't shine, but who cares that much? When you buy this, you get it to take off the road and climb up to the limit. You can definitely do any track in Oman with this car, safely, although you need to handle it properly in desert. It is a bit heavy and the tires do not have too much width, considering the car.


Onroad driving

This car suffers when it comes to on road driving. Suspension is too stiff and the passengers sitting on the rear bench will not enjoy the ride for sure. Moreover, even the handling is slugish and the car sucks when you try to take any fast turn. It is somehow normal, as this is a pure breed offroader.



The 4.0 gas engine is pretty well balanced for offroad and it will give you all the power (~240 HP) and torque you need.


Fuel Economy

There is no such thing as fuel economy. The beast is eating around 17-20 L / 100 km without any effort. If we add low-gear descends and proper offroading the consumption can become huge.



This is a big tough care which can take anything you throw at it. Toughest I've seen so far.



It is not for driving on road. It will be bad at all aspects: handling, fuel economy, even cargo. You will spend a lot of time frequently in the gas stations.



Take this care if you want to do some proper offroading. Completely ignore it if you want something comfortable and with some kind of good on road attitude as well. Also note that it is quite expensive, I used to pay 400 OMR / month for this when renting it. I wouldn't by a car like this for the every day rides.